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  • Ninja Personal Blenders

    Blend in the cup, enjoy on-the-go.

    Make ice-cold, super-smooth drinks in seconds, blending straight to the cup. Packed full of all the nutrients in your favourite fruits and vegetables, crush even the toughest nuts, seeds and ice.

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  • Ninja Blenders

    Quick, easy, delicious.

    Enjoy crushed-ice cocktails, fresh smoothies, sauces, dips and desserts at the touch of a button. Make enough to share with a multi-serve jug blender, or choose a 2-in-1 model with an integrated personal blender to blend in the cup and enjoy on-the-go.

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  • Ninja Food Processors

    Power meets precision engineering.

    More than a food processor. Ninja’s kitchen systems combine 3 appliances in 1 – food processor, jug blender and personal blender. Chop, grate, slice, blend, knead and more. Food and drink prep has never been easier.

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  • Ninja Cooking

    What will you make first?

    Create delicious home-cooked meals and snacks in a flash with Ninja’s innovative range of heated appliances. Packed with clever features and simple controls to give you a helping hand in the kitchen. Save time, eat well.

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  • Coupled with the versatility it offers, the Ninja Health Grill & Air Fryer is a good buy for families, keen entertainers and batch cooks who want speedy, healthy meals with minimum fuss.

    Rachel Ogden - Trusted Reviews
  • Alongside its multitude of features, the Ninja blender and soup maker looks the part, too. It's stylishly designed and the touch-sensitive control panel is lovely to use.

    Danielle Amato - Expert Reviews
  • I have had this product for two days and have made four smoothies which have turned out perfectly. It blends with ease. Very solid appliance, built to last. I Love it.

    h dean